Tri-isys Internet is proud to introduce the Web hosting reseller program that will let you earn extra income. Simply refer a client and once the client signs up with us, you earn as much as P300.00 in commissions. No cash outlay. No commitments. Just an easy and convenient way to earn money.

It's easy!

Anybody who will refer prospective clients will be called a "reseller." Anyone or any company who is interested in this project is eligible to be a reseller except the employees of Tri-Isys Internet, its associated companies, and their relatives.

How to be a Reseller?


  • A potential reseller need not to pay any bill for the application. He/She has to fill up the on-line application form or an off-line application form which can be secured from our office. Please contact us for more details.
  • The reseller must fill-up the provided Reseller's Information Sheet and fax it to 243-3749.
  • We will send a return e-mail to the reseller to confirm the application.
  • Once the application has been confirmed, we will give the reseller an reseller's code as a proof that the application is valid and authorized. The reseller's code will be used by the reseller in every transaction that he/she will make.
  • The reseller may then start searching for possible subscribers.
  • All your referrals, to be credited to you must contain your reseller’s code.  Otherwise, the account will not be credited to you.
  • When giving out application forms, a reseller should always include his reseller code on the brochure.  Otherwise, the account will not be credited to him.


How to Refer a Possible Client

A reseller may refer a possible client by any of the following options:
  1. Referring via On-Line Referral Form - If the reseller does not have a website, he/she may still refer a client via on-line referral form. The reseller may visit our website and check out our Online Referral Form. He/She will be asked for the reseller's code. The reseller will then fill it up with the necessary information of his/her potential client.
  2. Requesting our office for the Bizhost brochure (with subscription form) - If the reseller does not have a website or does not want to refer a client thru on-line application, he/she may request our office to give him/her brochures with subscription forms which will be given to the potential clients. The reseller should then indicate his/her referrer code on the brochure so that the subscription of the client can be considered valid. ex. Referred by: AGT #0001

Benefits of a Reseller
  • Immediately earn Php 200.00 commission on each successful referral
  • Plus Php 100.00 bonus commission, if the client subscribes their domain name under .com or .ph with us.
  • Absolutely NO COMMITMENTS! Refer a client to us whenever you want
  • We take care of everything -- client setup, credit card processing, billing, and support.
  • Real-time account activations for the clients you refer

Process of Activation
We will inform the client to pay for the bill of the Bizhost Plan at any accredited payment centers. We will have an allowance of two to three days of clearing which includes the verification of the payment before we activate the client's account or the client may fax us the validated receipt in order for the account to be activated within the day (activation is from Monday to Friday 8:30 AM to 6:30PM)

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