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How To Refer A Prospective Client


It's easy. Just enter your reseller's code in the form below and click submit. Reseller's Code is the unique code sent to you by Tri-Isys when you applied for the Affiliate Program. If you're new to this program, you may want to join and be a reseller click here.

After submitting your code you will be asked to fill-up the Platinum Subscription Form for your prospect. Please take note that when referring a client via On-Line Referral Form be sure that the information you are entering is true and correct and with your prospect's knowledge. It is advised that you fill-up the Platinum Subscription Form together with your prospect or let your prospect do it.

After submitting the form leave the rest to us.

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IMPORTANT:  If your Reseller's Code is AGT#1234, just enter 1234. No need to enter "AGT#". Please enter your reseller's code correctly. Otherwise, your referral will not be credited to your account. Be sure you have read the Terms & Conditions before proceeding.


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